How to get started on social media

Getting your business started on social media need not be hard. Follow this beginners guide to starting out on social media and start achieving reach and engagement today!

Not all social media channels are alike. Your social media strategy should consist of mini-plans for each of the channels you are aiming to be active on. Get a plan for your Instagram, Facebook and so on. Ask yourself questions along the way like – why is my business on social media? What social media channels fit my audience? Where do I see my audience engaged the most?

Back up these questions and thoughts with analytics from your website. See where your traffic is coming, what time of day your audiences is on social media and build up a picture of what works best. Creating digital content for the sake of it isn’t going to help. You don’t have to churn out 6 posts a day to 6 different channels. Create engaging, relevant content for your audiences that is both useful and timely and you’ll soon build a solid social media community that is ready to act.

Remember social media is about listening and engaging to your audience which can take time and energy. Don’t just push all of your digital content via a scatter gun and hope for the best.  It’s much better to do fewer things better. Be strategic, don’t be afraid to start small and focus on just one or two social networking sites at once.

If you get stuck we’re always here to help – contact us today to see how. 

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