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How to Get Your First 100 Twitter Followers

Did you know 6,000 tweets are published every second on Twitter?

That makes it 3,50,000 tweets per minute, 500 million tweets per day, and around 200 billion tweets per year! Stand out from the crowd by using our five, sure-fire ways to get your first 100 followers on Twitter. 

1 – Your profile:
First up, before you even tweet, you need to make sure your profile is singing. Create a Twitter profile that is rich with relevant keywords and drenched in personality. Most importantly, let your audience know what you’re going to be tweeting about.

2 – Tweet regularly:
The tweet shelf life is extremely short due to the real-time aspect of the platform, so be sure to tweet often. A few tweets every now and then during the day is a reasonable amount. Twitter Analytics data shows that only around 5% of your followers will see any one of your tweets. As you get comfy start to schedule posts so you can keep your presence online while you’re focussing on your business or enjoying time at the beach. We have some top tips on choosing the right social media management platforms here.

3 – Follow the right people:
Here’s the best social media tip: Follow for followers or like for likes… these are not your followers. Keep your followers to people you admire, people you want to mix with and people relevant to your online world. Create lists so they know you’re digging their content. With time you’ll appear on their lists and your online influence will grow. Keep an eye on your follower ratio too. A lot of spam accounts follow 1,000s with just a handful following back. Ideally, you want to be ahead on followers, meaning you have more followers on Twitter than you follow yourself, but evens will work too. 

4 – Share the love
You know that little buzz you get when someone retweets your content? Well, share the love back! Twitter is a two-way street. If you discover great content, that’s relevant to your followers share it. That’s what social media was created for, after all. Not only will it help round out your content but it will help you get noticed by the people that matter to you: Your peers and your leaders. Don’t be afraid of your competitors. If they have great content, go ahead and share it! 

5 – Bring it back to your site, your store or your blog
Tweeting for the sake of tweeting isn’t always going to work. There’s a time and a place for it but eventually, you’ll need to start bringing people back to your website, your blog or your store. That’s why we’re all here right? Twitter provides a great way of drawing people back to your site. It’s a bit of a balance though. Don’t be too spammy. Reeber, if we wanted to see ads all day we’d watch Foxtel.  Balance your content so it’s useful, shareable and unique. Above all else, make sure it’s relevant. 

This very blog post for example will be shared across our Insta, Twitter and on our Facebook page? We’ll add tracking links to see which worked best for us and we’ll refine as needed. 

Here’s a bonus tip to help you get started on Twitter: #Hashtags work but only when use sparingly. One or two is all you need. (More for Instagram). Again ensure they’re relevant to your crowd and match with what you’re tweeting. Don’t add #kittens to an article about a health & fitness or start-up business. Weirdly, not everyone likes kittens and those that do will just be disappointed when they get there. Let’s avoid disappointments.  

Have fun and follow us on Twitter for more great advice and tips to get started with your social media. Or better yet, let us manage your socials for you. We’ll take the pain out of the process and provide regular content ideas, updates and reports to help you shine online. 

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