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Creating Digital Content That Gets Noticed

So much content, so little time. That’s how audiences often see today’s digital landscape. At Marzipan Media we challenge that notion by creating content that doesn’t just engage audiences but resonates with them as well.

It all starts with us getting to know your brand and objectives – we mean really getting under the skin of it. From there we use the age-old art of storytelling to bring content to life online, ensuring it stands tall, creates trust and cements your reputation as a brand that people genuinely want to connect with.

We’re a proud hybrid of a digital marketing department and a local video production agency rolled into one and have worked with some of Sydney’s finest start-ups, multinational corporations and both NSW State & Federal Governments.


We’re now using our online marketing expertise & knowledge to create beautiful digital content and impactful campaigns for our clients. We’d like to do it with you too.

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Digital Storytelling for real life audiences

In today’s content saturated world it is vital you engage with your audience to connect with your customers and clients.

At Marzipan Media we believe in working together to help you discover new ways to tell your story to online audiences. We build trust and reputation online allowing your audience to believe in your business whilst motivating them to act.

We’ve worked with some of Sydney’s finest start-ups, multinational corporations and both NSW State & Federal Governments.

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Web Design

We create affordable yet exciting, websites, eCommerce stores, apps & funnels for your business, brand, or side hustle.

Video Creation

Bring your story to life with our full scale video production services. Creating content for all screen sizes. We'll take care of everything for you.

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Social Media

Creating organic & paid social media campaigns to grow your communities, reach leads, boost sales and promote engagement. Live streams, training and more.

Marketing & PR

Creating digital marketing strategies and campaigns that convert. Helping you reach your business objectives and your audiences online.

Marzipan Media

All of your digital content creation needs

Marzipan Media create digital content that will promote awareness and drive online sales. We provide SEO, digital marketing, video production and PR services to ensure your message reaches the right audiences at the point of decision making. The agency was co-founded in 2014 by Ben Adams who had grown weary of the badlands of Sydney's Ad agencies

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Not just a pretty Face

Sustainable web design

We love the net but did you know internet usage equates to roughly 2% of global carbon emissions, or 1.6 billion tons of CO2 each year? By implimenting sustainable web design practices we help minimise the environmental impact of a website. By reducing the amount of data stored, transferred, and rendered in order to deliver a website to the end user we ensure ultra fast websites that are better for you better for the planet.

86% cleaner

This web page is cleaner than 86% of web pages tested

Low emissions

0.15g of CO2 is produced every time someone visits this web page

Green Hosting

This web site is proud to be running on sustainable energy

Find out more about our sustainable web design here > 

Projects we Support

Paying it forward

These are challenging times and not a day goes by where we realise that we are the lucky ones. Projects we like to support in our spare time include the following:

Climate change heaps normal
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Life's better with friends

We’ve been busy creating digital content for our customers for almost a decade now but we realise the value of teamwork, collaboration and networking with those in our supporting industries. Some of our finest creations would not have been possible without a little help from our friends.