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Three SEO Tips for small businesses right now

Top 3 SEO tips for your business

Let’s face it, everybody is spending a lot more time online right now. The latest mobility trend data from Google shows residential activities up by 15% on previous baselines.

Coronavirus lockdowns around the world and more of us working from home than ever before have seen a sharp rise in online activities such as meetings, shopping and dreaming. Many of us are incessantly scrolling through all manner of social media feeds in search of distraction and connection. 

As more businesses are pivoting to online versions of their old selves the uptick in new websites being created is making it harder than ever to be found among the top pages of a Google search result.

These three tips can help you rank higher on Google and get found online ahead of your competition.

1. Refine your local SEO keywords

With more people at home and less public transport options available, people are buying local, more than ever before. A few tweaks to your website copy including your suburb/area could make a world of difference.  This is especially true if you’re a reliant on local customers, such as coffee shops and beauticians.

For these small businesses getting seen in the geographical search results generated by Google Maps is vital right now. Fortunately getting a Google My Business listing, is free, quick to set up and a great way of boosting you SEO.

Many people will click directly on the map options for local businesses when conducting a search. The results stem directly from Google My Business listings, capturing people in the midst of a needs based search, such as “Coffee shop near me” that delivers instant solutions so people don’t even have to scroll down to find what they’re after.

Your business needs to be in these local results. Treat your business listing like a blog with frequent updates and images as appropriate.


2. Use the situation as a great way to communicate to your audiences

Tell your customers what you’re doing in response to Coronavirus. Create informative digital content around:

– Delivery times – For example has shipping been impacted?

– Is your customer services receiving a higher volume of calls?

– Videos showing us how to get the most out of your product

– Blogs with keyword rich content, such as this small plug for our SEO services ; ) 

Our friends at Sydney Living Museums are a great example of a business keeping their customers up to date with the changing times, providing the latest news regarding changes in Covid restrictions and offering free downloadable materials for kids during lockdown.

3. Revisit and revise your existing blog content

As many small businesses pivot and adapt to the environment it’s a great time to revisit those old blog posts to ensure they’re still relevant. Try adding more SEO rich keywords, a fresh introduction, or a stronger call to action to ensure your digital content is a fresh as possible.

You may pick up the occasional typo that slipped through the net or new materials to link to within your site. Keeping people on your pages longer and providing another flag to Google that can increase your SEO.

Keeping your digital content turning over regularly with new and relevant information is a great way to ensure your audience will return more often and offers another pulse towards the Google gods that your site is live and worthy of that first page, search engine result.

If you need more information or a helping hand getting your business found on Google, get in touch today and see how our affordable SEO services can help you shine online.

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