Sydney Jewish Museum

One of our favourite new clients has to be the Sydney Jewish Museum. We’re proudly supporting their social media marketing, SEO and content creation. Working with cultural spaces has always been in our very foundations as a company. Having been lucky enough to work alongside many of Sydney’s finest cultural spaces and places we were thrilled that SJM got in touch toward the end of 2020.

Since then we have worked alongside the marketing team to produce amazing digital content for their Instagram Reels, optimise their website for search, and drive memberships and visitation through social media advertising and paid search campaigns on Google and Bing.  In our first 6 months, we have been able to demonstrate an average month on month rise in organic traffic of around 25%.

Community growth on their two social media platforms has also been high and our conversion rates on Adword Grants Management and Facebook Business Manager have shown consistent growth.

But that’s not why we love it. That’s what we do for most of our clients : )

What’s been amazing is learning the stories here. The real-life tales that are often showcasing the true spirit of human kindness. We’re able to tell stories of hope, courage and survival in a way that can resonate with new audiences and inspire change for a new generation.  We’re spreading kindness with our new Reels made for the Be a Mensch movement and for the museum, we’re sharing Holocaust survivor stories for the first time on their Reels and we’re handpicking tales from their blog for content ads. Tales that inspire acts of kindness and bravery while at the same time being able to generate more traffic back to their website, more engagement with their brand and positive brand interactions.

The Museum is a must for anyone in the Sydney Area and we highly recommend taking a tour with one of the amazing volunteers, many of who are direct descendants of survivors and able to retell the human stories of yesterday giving history a voice for tomorrow.